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System integrator for
communication technology

Partner for life: The RSR Datacom idea since the company was founded in the year 2000.
RSR Datacom – your reliable partner when it comes to system integration for communication technology

    We are specialists in manufacturer non-related services
  • Consultancy, planning, engineering
  • Supply, installation, commissioning
  • Documentation, maintenance and 24 hour service
    for communication technology – whether as main contractor, service provider or equipment or component supplier.

International transport companies – rail, road, water -
Utility companies – power, gas, water -
Industrial companies – steel, petrol, chemicals, food -
Network operators – mobile telephones, fixed networks,
trust in the professionalism and quality of our staff.

By means of actively implementing our quality management system ISO 9001:2000 our high quality demands ensure that our operations and processes in the company are an inherent part of our corporate culture.

See for yourself that we use our motivation to combine efficiency with complex technology for the customer‘s benefit to the highest degree.

We look forward to a successful collaboration with you in other exciting tasks

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