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Dispatcher control system with control
centre technology for railway,
industry and local authorities

  • Dispatcher control systems for railway companies, energy providers and local authorities
  • Planning, supply, installation, commissioning and service
  • Conformation / migration of existing systems
  • Operating telecommunication systems with all standard interfaces and functions (as stipulated by DB AG too)
  • Integration of Public Address with GSM-R Dispatcher system
  • All kinds of telephone systems

We integrate operating telecommunication systems or components from different manufacturers into one communication unit, which in addition to the classic analogous communication technology unites digital and more recently, the techniques based on IP technology.

Management systems

  • Planning and distribution of management systems
  • Inventory and reintegration of network elements in the transmission networks
  • Analysis and definition of interfaces between different systems
  • Management systems with public address, video, remote control and telephone integration (e.g. control centres for steel companies, water boards and energy providers or announcement centres of the Deutsche Bahn AG 3S control centres)

We install management systems which make your IT infrastructure transparent and cost-effective for users. Long-distance traffic technologies such as SDH, PHD, ATM, HDSL as well as Ethernet technology are integrated into sub-systems or in what is known as the umbrella management system. Upon request we also provide the ongoing network management support as well as a 24 hour service for our customers.